I am so thankful to all of you who took the time to open my email last month, read the newsletter, and answer my survey. Your responses will help me curate a newsletter that matters to you. This is the first result of your feedback. The majority of you want to get this newsletter monthly, which will allow me to give your more information with less clutter in your inbox. Thanks for that! For those who wanted a weekly newsletter, I really appreciate your enthusiasm!


Here’s what else you told me:

Most of you like the newsletter. (I am hoping to bring this up even higher with your help, but this was a really nice start.) A few need a little more time to decide – thanks for staying with me!



When I asked you what you liked most about the newsletter, here are a few comments:

  • Bringing to our attention information not readily available anywhere else
  • As a learning professional I am always looking into new ideas of learning and brain-based learning is fascinating to me.
  • Interesting facts / insight
  • Your humorous and enticing insights from your blog post and the fact you’re back!
  • Various topics and pictures
  • The note that there are many branches of science involved in understanding the brain
  • I’m just glad to receive it – I’ve missed you Margie!
  • I like the variety of content – but also the personal stories.
  • summaries of blog posts with links to articles
  • It looks relevant, it looks informative, I am a fan of Margie’s work!
  • It is very informative. Combines theory and application
  • I like the graphics. They are clear and grab the attention. I like that it is not just a commercial for you. You give me some value in between the promotions.

trollOF course, everybody has at least one troll, and I had one. I certainly hope this person has unsubscribed, because I clearly didn’t make him/her happy. (But I enjoyed reading the very colorful comments.)



What you want me to write about:

  • Leadership development (I’m working on something on that topic for next month.)
  • Neuroscience
  • Instructional Design
  • Artificial Intelligence

And several of you wrote-in “all of the above” so you’ve got it! I promise to do my best and keep these coming every month.

Thanks everyone!

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