Learning Solutions 2019 is a conference produced by the eLearning Guild for training and learning professionals. Focused on the design, development, and management of technology-based learning and performance initiatives, the program features new tools, technologies, ideas, strategies, and best practices for learning professionals like us. This event attracts people from around the world who want to keep up with the evolving needs of their learners. This year, I’m honored to be presenting twice at this prestigious event. I’m sharing our insights on the growing use of chatbots in learning design with my friend Joe Ganci. We’re both really excited about this session and I hope you join us.

Two Topics at DemoFest

I’m also thrilled to be doing two demonstrations for the popular DemoFest, showcasing projects with creative designs. (I guess I’ll be pretty busy!)

1. I’m sharing an idea I built for a private client. They wanted an experiential way for their managers to learn more about being a great mentor, so I reconstructed the human brain in a meeting room. As they walked around the room, they encountered QR codes posted at strategic points. When these codes are scanned, learning content is delivered directly to the learner’s smartphone. It’s a fun way to create a physical experience that interacts with and augments the “real world.” See my demo, Bringing the Brain to Life with Augmented Reality, at table 34. 




Joe and I will be showing a more detailed demonstration of how a chatbot can be used to create a conversation-based learning experience. In other words, we’ve built a demonstration course that lets the learner ask questions of a character (in this case, the queen bee in a hive) to learn about the subject (duh-bees.) Stop by to see how you can strip away almost all of the traditional eLearning baggage that so often gets in the way of rapid design and delivery a quality learning experience that feels like a true conversation (or at least close to one.)

If you like one or both of these demos, I’d appreciate your vote!


Please stop by and say “hello!”