Hi Everyone,

As our species developed, we were never the fastest or strongest, so we learned how to take care of each other and become hard-wired for social interaction. Psychologist Albert Banderra’s Social Learning Theory recognized that we learn best in a group or community setting. More recently neuroscientists have been able to validate his theory through brain imaging techniques. Yet the learning professional is often a lonely team of one or an individual contributor. Don’t miss the chance to re-charge your brain by attending at least one learning conference this year. There are many great opportunities to choose from, but here’s one that can also save you money.

I’m thrilled to be presenting at Training Magazine’s 2017 Conference and Expo January 30 – February 1. You can save $250 by using my special speaker discount code TSP2 when you register. Don’t forget to catch my presentation on Wednesday morning: Developing Leaders Without Real-World Experience Using Brain Science. Please feel free to share this code with your colleagues and friends. I hope to see many of you in person. Please let me know and we can plan to meet up.