What does your brain know about calculating risk? I’ll be talking about the Neuroscience of Risk Management with the members of The CPCU Society on September 8. In this presentation, we’ll discuss:

How the human brain evaluates risk

Why the human brain is such a poor instrument for judging risk

The difference between perceived and actual risk

How the brain applies Bayesian logic (or doesn’t) to make decisions

Five things you can do to help you make better risk evaluations

The CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter) Society is a global not-for-profit membership association dedicated to enriching the careers of nearly 18,000 highly motivated risk management and insurance professionals.  The CPCU® credential is recognized and respected as the premier designation in property-casualty insurance, and it is my honor to be presenting a special topic for one of their educational events. Sorry, this event is for members only.