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If you’re thinking that this topic is only for those of us who directly design and deliver sales training, think again! Every learning professional must “sell” content and target behaviors to be effective. My guest in this session is Mike Simmons, co-founder of Catalyst Sale, a full-service Sales Management Consultancy that builds Sales capability and capacity for organizations. Mike has held operations, consulting, sales, and executive leadership roles at UPS, Smartforce, Skillsoft, and Safari Books Online.

He joined me to talk about modern sales training and how it is changing in response to new information from the neurosciences and cognitive psychology. You might enjoy my previous posts on this subject in addition to my conversation with Mike:

During the interview, I mention our podcast with Dr. Paul Zak, Why Learning and Caring Go Together, which relates to the subject of trust and the neuro-transmitters involved in developing a feeling of trust towards another person.

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I also highly recommend his podcast on the science of selling: