You can’t be with your learners 24×7, but a chatbot can! Chances are you’re already interacting with bots to make online purchases and manage your bank account, so maybe it’s time to get serious about using simple AI to enable learning.

Joe Ganci and I will be presenting “Make Them Say Wow With an Intelligent Chatbot” at TLDC19 in Phoenix, AZ January 28.

In this interactive session, you will see demonstrations of several chatbots integrated into learning programs to produce higher learner engagement, deeper learning, and greater retention, all while eliciting a “wow” response from your learners and your clients.

We’ll show you several examples of how you can deploy intelligent chatbots to support and enhance the learning experience before, during, and after class, using common tools you probably already have.
We’ll help you generate a few ideas to implement chatbots in your next project and we’ll send you away with a handy resources guide full of low-cost or no-cost resources for building a chatbot without coding or programming skills.

If you’re coming, please let me know, so we can set aside some time to get together. See you soon!