Nanette and I are working on a white paper and webinar on teaching thinking skills to developing leaders. Here is a related article from Nanette.

Nanette Miner, Learning Consultant and President, The Training Doctor

21st Century Thinking Skills – Necessary for continued employment

We are living in a knowledge economy. We can harness the brain power of individuals living on the other side of the world – with very little planning and effort – in ways that didn’t even exist 25 years ago. The new “skilled worker” is one who has the ability to think in novel and adaptive ways.

According to MIT professor David Autor, job opportunities are increasingly concentrated in both high-skill and high-wage professional, technical and management occupations; and low-skill, low-wage occupations such as food service and personal care. Jobs in the high-skill, high-wage category require the ability to think creatively, to take abstract concepts and bring them together in novel ways, and to evaluate tactics and strategies in order to envision a new path. Autor uses the term “situational adaptability” to describe the ability to respond to unique and unexpected circumstances- and use them as a catalyst for unique and unexpected outcomes.

According to the University of Phoenix Research Institute’s report: Future Work Skills 2020, these skills will be at a premium in the next decade; particularly, many blue-collar and middle-skill white collar jobs will become automated.