About a year ago I started talking about a “brain matters academy” that would be dedicated to helping learning professionals develop their skills. I checked out all the usual suspects – those online platforms that make it possible to build and share your own MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and just couldn’t find anything I liked. Each time I investigated an option, I found it either too limited as technology or too pricey as a service.

In October I joined The Learning and Development Conference (TLDC) and ran into an old friend, Talent Management expert Michael Abrams. As we started sharing stories about our work, we discovered that Mike and I were working on the same idea. At another conference, we might not have been able to connect as we rushed madly from session to session. But TLDC, unlike most other conferences, was built around the principles of networking and reflection. So we had time to sit and catch up without feeling guilty about missing the next item on the agenda.

The result of our brainstorming is Learningbinge.com. We’ve recruited an impressive group of learning experts to share their best practices and insights with other learning professionals. We’re building new courses right now, targeting corporate training specialists and leaders, educators, teachers, college professors, business leaders, spiritual leaders, even parents. LearningBinge will help everyone who needs to help others learn.

I’ll be offering several courses on the application of the neurosciences to enhance learning and performance and I’m excited by the depth and breadth of our other offerings. Here’s just a few of the topics we’ll be offering on LearningBinge:

  • Journaling as a path to spiritual discovery
  • Teacher best practices for special needs kids
  • Measuring training effectiveness
  • Developing millennial leaders
  • What can ancient Greek philosophers teach us about modern leadership?
  • How to use video to enhance learning
  • Financial planning for the independent consultant
  • Perfecting your voice for training voice over and classroom delivery
  • New skills that all leaders will need
  • Designing training the way the brain wants to learn
  • Digital security for online training

Watch for our major launch in January, 2017.