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Sharing the Latest Insights from Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Life and Learning

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The Science of Learning Interview with Bryan Jones

September 9, 2019
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Announcing the Brain Matters Coloring Book


When Will AI Stop Being “Artificial?”


We Think – Therefore We Learn. Why Psychology is Still Relevant in the Age of Neuroscience

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Always On, Always Available Learning With Chatbots (and Training Magazine)

The Salesperson Effect

I’ve written before on this blog about the role of the human brain to ensure survival. Man is a social ...
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Past Event: Training Magazine’s “Flipped” Conference on Online Learning – October 6 – October 8

In October I headed to Denver to take in the beautiful scenery and deliver my presentation on the neuroscience of ...
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How brainy are you about brains? A neuroscience quiz.

Take this quiz to see how brainy you are about brains. Quiz originally posted by Valerie Strauss in her blog ...
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The Cost of Being Smart

We’ve said before that the brain is a survival machine, which evolved specifically to keep us alive. You might think ...
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