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The Optimism Bias – How Your Brain is Keeping You Alive in Crazy Times

If you're familiar with the work of humorist and author ...
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Getting Away from “One Size Fits All” Training

As a woman who proudly owns her more-than-perfect figure, I’ve ...
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NEW Essentials of Brain-Based Learning (Live online May 2 – 16)

  I’m proud to be the designer and instructor for ...
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Join me at TLDC 2019

You can't be with your learners 24x7, but a chatbot ...
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Getting Ready for the Next Disruptions in Training and Education

Google the term “disruption” and you will find many results. ...
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Signal to Noise: Can We Even Tell the Difference Anymore?

“Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge ...
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Give the Gift of Brain Health and Learning

I had just finished another session of my brain-aware instructional ...
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The Neuroscience of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Just like Santa, the holidays is my busiest time of ...
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What I’m Thankful for This Year

Since I’m reminding all of you about the benefits of ...
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Maximize Learner Retention With a Smart Chatbot

Coming to TechKnowledge 2019! Chatbots are not just a fad. ...
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