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Posts by Margie Meacham

Join us at Learning Dev Camp 2019 – Chatbots and Learning

My friend and famous elearning guru Joe Ganci and I have been traveling the globe talking about the power and simplicity of chatbots to engage learners in a new way. Whether you’re looking for content curation, branching scenarios, refresher sessions or a whole new way to build and deploy learning, chatbots are a fresh alternative.…

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Do You Have the Skills to Implement Brain-Based Selling?

Let’s face it.  The world is changing. Customers expect a different buying experience. But all the top “sales training” programs were written in the last century – and they have started to look very dated.  Top performers know this and have instinctively changed their approach to be more engaging, direct, and transparent to their customers. But to…

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You be the Judge: Who won the debate?

Last year, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) asked me to participate in a debate with my friend and colleague, Will Thalheimer. The question posed to us was this: Is Neuroscience an L&D Foundation? The debate continues today, but I think Will and I did a good job of framing the question and taking an…

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What if you could read other people’s minds?

If you could understand what was happening in the brains of your target audience, would you be a more effective trainer, designer, consultant, or leader? In Essentials of Brain-Based Learning, you will learn how the brain receives, encodes, and retrieves information to construct knowledge, and use these insights to improve your learning programs and gain…

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Give Your Microlearning Strategy a Make Over

Social media has changed learner expectations. The evidence suggests that short, targeted content can maximize learner engagement and increase business results. But it’s not so easy to change the way you design learning. With disruptive technologies changing the nature of work, you’re facing pressure to produce more results with less – less time, smaller staffs,…

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