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Big Benefits in Small Packages: The Neuroscience of MicroLearning

Wednesday, November 27 – Berlin Are you constantly being asked to do more with fewer resources, and in less time? Are your stakeholders demanding “micro-learning,” without necessarily understanding whether or not this solution is right for your learning audience? Are you struggling with the question “Just how long should micro-learning take?”   If you answered…

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Finally! A Brain-Based Consultative Sales Program

When people think of certifications, they often think of taking a test. Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) is not about testing in the traditional sense. Instead, we focus on developing sales capability and performance that is based on neuroscience and customized for your team. Classes begin in October. 

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Brain Matters Featured in New Video

I recently met David Webb, a noted psychology expert. He’s given me this beautiful gift – a video he made to recommend my book, Brain Matters: How to help anyone learn anything using neuroscience, to his massive audience online. I think he did a beautiful job and it’s an honor to mentioned along with leaders…

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How Can You Implement Lifelong Learning in the Workplace?

The world of work is subject to substantial change. Advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, neuroscience, genetics (to name a few) are transforming the way we live and learn. How can we maintain high levels of performance in a time of unrelenting change? The solution is often called “lifelong learning,” but implementing it isn’t quite as…

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Magnificent Desolation

“You must use the science in your life, or it doesn’t work.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton   On July 20, 2019, the world commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon. To this day, it is probably the most audacious, improbable, and stupendous achievement of our country – and our greatest…

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Billions and Billions – Reshaping our Brains with Numbers

Neuroscience continues to piece out the answers to what makes us tick, one tiny neuron at a time, but our wonderful brains are capable of using the language of numbers to comprehend massively huge or incredibly tiny scales. Didn’t we all feel a little less alone in the universe when we thought Carl Sagan told us there are “billions and billions” of stars with the potential to support life, instead of the recent story that the chances are “astronomically small?”

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Psychology and Neuroscience Aren’t Competing – They’re Converging

Dr. David Webb is a member of the British Psychological Society and of the 100 most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter.  A published author, he wrote The Psychology Student Guide in 2012 and The Incredibly Interesting Psychology Book in 2013. His latest book, On This Day in Psychology was published in March 2015 and provides daily insights…

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5 Brain-Based Approaches to Increase Retention

Thursday, August 8, 2019 2:00pm EDT The moment they complete a course, each learner faces a crucial point of divergence. They will follow one of two tracks – learning or forgetting. The success or failure of your learning design depends on what happens in the minutes, days, and weeks after the learning experience is completed.…

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