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I joined Rick Zanotti of Relate.com and  Lesley Price of LearnAppeal to talk about the latest advances in cognitive neuroscience and artificial intelligence – two fields that are rapidly converging for the learning profession. (Sort of like the way these two galaxies are colliding here, to form something completely new.)


Along the way we talked about content curation, neuroplasticity, selfies, the Mona Lisa and just about anything else that interested us. I really enjoyed the conversation and I hope you do, too. The show is eLearnChat, where talk is knowledge. This show focuses on all aspects of eLearning, training, social learning and leadership.

You can follow Rick and Lesley on Twitter and learn more about their work in the information below.

Rick Zanotti, Relate.com

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Lesley Price, LearnAppeal.com

Learn Appeal is the eLearning industry charity.  What do we mean by that? As an industry we are passionate about learning and believe that to enable people to really make the most of their lives, they need access to learning. This charity was formed by representatives of the Elearning Industry who share this vision.

Key to what we do is inclusivity and this applies to both those we want to support and also those that support Learn Appeal. So whether you work for a vendor or a large corporate; whether you are freelance, work in education or just believe that technology supported learning can and will make a difference,  we need your help!

We are now supporting some amazing projects in the UK and overseas. Now is your opportunity to help us support them! To get involved please contact us.