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Finally! A Brain-Based Consultative Sales Program

When people think of certifications, they often think of taking a test. Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) is not about testing in the traditional sense. Instead, we focus on developing sales capability and performance that is based on neuroscience and customized for your team. Classes begin in October.


Consultative Sales Certification is based on extensive research of top-performing sales professionals in many different industries. This research forms the basis of the Consultative Sales Model, which is a visual map that we use in the CSC program. Each component of the model represents the core competencies introduced in the program. Participants focus on one core competency per month, giving them time to master one set of skills before moving on to the next challenge.

What’s Included?

The program includes:

  • Background Surveys
  • Consultative Sales Planner (PDF)
  • Skills and knowledge assessments
  • Orientation meeting
  • Monthly independent e-learning courses (link to course descriptions)
  • Application exercises with coaching feedback
  • Web-based communication and collaboration
  • Monthly online group coaching sessions
  • Individual learning guides
  • Coaching guides for managers
  • Certificate of Completion and CSC Designation


It Takes All Kinds

Learn how to influence, build relationships, gain commitments and improve communication by reading customer styles, understanding your sales style and adjusting your approach to be most effective. Core skills include; behavioral styles, communication, and listening.



Understanding Needs and Perceived Value

Gain a competitive advantage by applying a consultative sales methodology. Identify needs and apply solutions specific to each influencer involved in the sales process. Core skills included in this module: Introduction to the consultative selling process, listening skills, pre-call planning, in-depth questioning practice, value-added selling.



Speaking Your Customer’s Language

Enhance relationships and understanding by identifying communication styles and applying effective listening and rapport building skills. Core skills included in this session: Interpersonal communication, communication styles, listening, rapport and relationship building.



Expanding Your Business

Analyze and prioritize sales activities to increase market share, grow current accounts and develop new customers. Core skills included in this session: Writing SMART sales objectives, pre-call planning, identifying buying influencers, multi-level selling, networking, prospecting, telephone prospecting and etiquette, pre-call intelligence & research, account and time management, territory planning and account prioritization.


Gaining Commitments

Gain more commitment by eliminating fear, recognize buying signs and appeal to “convincer” strategies to close the sale. Gaining commitments is a natural part of the consultative sales process when applied correctly. Core skills included in this session: Identifying buyer and seller fears, eliminating negative reactions to fear, recognizing buying signs, appealing to convincer strategies and persuasive techniques.



Handling Stalls and Objections

Overcome stalls and customer doubt, get customers who are dragging their feet to make a commitment and learn to quantify value over price.  Core skills included in this session:  Identifying and clarifying stalls, categorizing and overcoming skepticism, indifference, and opposition, developing answers to objections based on the correct logic for each, demonstrating value, quantifying cost versus price, handling price objections.



Negotiating for Impact

Develop win-win negotiation plans that produce higher margins, profitability and customer satisfaction. Learn your negotiation style, make better concessions and overcome tactics. Core skills included in this session: Principles of win-win negotiations, planning for successful negotiation outcomes, negotiation styles and preferences, planning for and making concessions, identifying wins for each person, handling common negotiation tactics.



Service from the Inside Out

Enhance customer service and relationship building skills with internal and external customers to provide service beyond expectations. Core skills included in this session: Identifying internal and external customers and customer expectations, listening, responsiveness, identifying needs both expressed and latent, solving problems, telephone follow-up, communicating internally to solve customer issues, handling upset or disappointed customers, cross-selling to help customers.


Classes begin in October! Sign up now and save $100

Margie Meacham

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