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Archive for November 2018

Maximize Learner Retention With a Smart Chatbot

Coming to TechKnowledge 2019! Chatbots are not just a fad. They are becoming an important part of both the learning experience and daily on-the-job tasks. Intelligent chatbots can adapt to the needs of individual learners and share customized tips, suggestions and answers to questions about course content in text or voice. They can integrate well…

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Recognized Elite L&D Professional

I recently got some great news from TTA (The Training Associates), the Largest, Provider of On-Demand Learning and Development Talent. I’ve been recognized as a Platinum level consultant. Here’s an excerpt from the recognition I received. “We’re excited to recognize you as an elite L&D professional based on your consistent contribution to delivering exceptional service…

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TMI! Cognitive Overload and Learning

If you want to get a sense of the vast amount of data exploding every second, visit Internet Live Stats and watch the numbers for Internet users, websites, emails and many other statistics updated in real time. But watch out …

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