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Make Your Own Animated Characters and Comic Strips

Hi Everyone!

In my workshops I often talk about the power of story to draw the learner into the role of a character, seeing things through his or her eyes. Park Howell’s excellent podcast on this subject is worth another listen to remind you of how your brain interprets a good story as a “real” event. But it can be challenging to find a selection of diverse characters to use in your training designs. Most clip art collections start looking pretty dated just a few months after you’ve purchased them.

My colleague Eve Alexander has persuaded Pixton, makers of a nice easy-to-use custom character and comic strip tool, to give all of us 50% off a year’s subscription. Now you can use fresh images in your training stories! To get your 50% off, use this link:

Your price will be half the usual price for a year subscription.

By the way, I had nothing to do with this very cool offer; I’m just happy to share it with you. You can also try it out before you decide to take them up on 50% off for a year. Please let me know how it goes and maybe I’ll feature you in a future issue of the newsletter or podcast. Much thanks to the folks at Pixton and Eve, for putting this together!


Margie Meacham

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