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Past Event: ATD International Conference and Expo – A great experience! (Atlanta – May 21-24, 2017)

I just got back from ATD’s premiere event, the International Conference and Expo (ICE), where I spoke about the future of learning and artificial intelligence. I was pleased to see that my topic was compelling enough to attract over 100 folks on the morning after a big networking party at the Georgia Aquarium. I love going to professional conferences. It keeps me in touch with my fellow learning professionals and gives me a chance to meet new friends in a setting completely dedicated to learning. I’m a proud member of the Association for Talent Development and I highly recommend it every chance I get. As you probably know, I’m a regular contributor to their Science of Learning blog and I teach Essentials of Brain-Based Learning for them online. Even if you can’t attend a big out-of-town conference on your budget, there is probably an ATD chapter near you. Local chapters give you a chance to meet fellow professionals in your own area, and I speak at many of their events as well, so you may find me at your next meeting. Learn more about ATD and the many benefits of membership here, or ask me about my personal experiences with this great organization!

Get my slides from ATD ICE!

If you’d like to have my slide presentation from ATD ICE, you can download them here.

Session Details:
The Day Everything Changed: How AI Changed the Way We Learn in 2027

While science fiction depicts a world where intelligent robots rebel and overthrow their human masters, the more likely scenario is a world where human beings interface with computers, digital assistants and other technologies virtually seamlessly, changing just about everything we know about work today. Also unlike science fiction, this world is only a few years, perhaps a decade away. Are you ready for the educational singularity? What does it look like and what skills will you need as a learning professional in this brave new world? This interactive session focusesd on advances in science technology that are happening today and we can expect those changes to affect talent development in our very near future. You will come away with at least three actions to begin today to develop the skills you will need in a world of augmented intelligence, brain-to-pc interfaces and more.

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Margie Meacham


  1. CS Cart on December 6, 2016 at 3:10 am

    Thank you for an excellent post, it was very interesting and informative.

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