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eLearn Chat – The Power of Reflection in Learning

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Jennifer LeBrett, of BeWell Network, and I were guests on the popular learning program eLearn Chat, hosted by Rick Zanotti of and Linda Joy, of (What a great name she has, right?)

We talked about our collaboration on reflection and learning. The powerful combination of taking an intentional, mindful approach to your learning and taking the time to process new information that really accelerates learning and encourages retention. Jennifer and I are so excited to be facilitating the Reflection Center at the Learning and Development Conference (TLDC). This podcast gives you some insights into how reflection assists learning.

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Margie Meacham


  1. […] with color in your learning practice. Individual sheets can be used as group or individual reflection activities. The room tends to get very quiet while people are intent on coloring, which can make it […]

  2. […] Reflection has been recognized as a critical piece of the learning puzzle. While this is nothing new, information from the science of learning has helped confirm the need to step back and think about new information, so that you can integrate into what you already know. […]

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