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Archive for September 2016

Podcast: Brent Schlenker

In this podcast, we talked about his latest adventure as host of the Training, Learning and Development Conference 2016 and his commitment to apply true learning science to the design of the conference.

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Download my slides from “Smarter Brains for a Smarter Organization,” Enterprise Learning Conference online

It was a pleasure to share what neuroscience tells us about boosting employee engagement, enhancing performance and accelerating learning. Here are my slides from my recent presentation at the Enterprise Learning Conference Online, on September 8. I recommend that you mark your calendar for the 2017 event. It’s a well-organized and very targeted learning opportunity.

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Neelesh Harbhajan – The Magical Mind

Neelesh joined me all the way from South Africa and I appreciate his flexibility to talk with me during his evening. He’s another example of how the entire world is interested is starting to leverage neuroscience to enhance learning and performance. Neelesh is relatively unknown in the U.S., but I predict you will be hearing more from him soon.

In this podcast he explains why he is focused on the “magical mind” and gives you several practical things you can start doing today to unleash that magical brain.

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Podcast: Neelesh Harbhajan

Neelesh Harbhajan is the founder of Magical Mind University where he teaches people inner world principles for outer world success. Neelesh is an international speaker and trainer and has been hailed by thousands as an inspirational, motivational and life-changing speaker. His students refer to him as “Mr. Dynamite” due to his high energy and enthusiasm displayed on stage.

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The Persistence of Memory

Where were you on 9/11/2001? I was teaching a virtual class early in the morning from my home in Rio Verde, Arizona. Suddenly, my students started disappearing. I had 20 participants, then 15, then 10, then none. I kept teaching until I had covered all the content, because I knew my client was sitting in and I knew what he expected.

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