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Archive for August 2016

JD Dillon – Axonify Principle

JD Dillon has spent 15 years designing and implementing learning and performance strategies for respected global organizations, including The Walt Disney Company, Kaplan, Brambles, and AMC Theatres. With his practical approach and unique ability to integrate science, technology, storytelling, and pure common sense, JD delivers modern solutions that enable employees, improve organizational performance, and drive business results.

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“Everyone Loves a Winner” – Except When We Don’t

It’s well-documented that as a species we like to identify ourselves with winners and those we perceive as having the highest potential to win. This tendency seems to validate the statement that our brain is hard-wired for survival, an observation made by John Medina and others. But human behavior is rarely that straight forward.

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Summer Reading 2016

Each year, I write the same basic post about why your brain needs a vacation and each year I fail to really take one myself. To be honest, this year is beginning to look like more of the same behavior, since I don’t have any days off planned just yet and we are well into August.

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What Color is Your Learning?

Close your eyes and think about your favorite shirt or dress. What colors do you see? Close your eyes again and picture your training room or elearning template. What colors are you using? How are you using them?

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