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Archive for April 2016

Learning and the Scientific Method

I write a lot about the science of learning, so today I thought we should talk about science. The word “science” comes from the Latin “scientia” which means “knowledge.” In Western culture, the ancient Greeks developed an approach toward gaining information about the world through the use of the scientific method.

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Neuroscience and the Hype Cycle

I recently attended a major conference of learning professionals and was surprised to hear one of the keynote speakers say, “Neuroscience has nothing to offer educational psychology today.” While many in the room were applauding, I was a little shocked and disappointed.

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What I Learned from Dyslexia

If I had been born a little bit later, I might actually be a neuroscientist instead of a learning consultant. But as Neil deGrasse Tyson has often pointed out, bright girls in the 1960s and 1970s were primarily encouraged to become nurses or teachers.

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