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Archive for February 2016

Is the Workforce Becoming Less Intelligent?

Consider the implications of a recent study of adult skills by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that looks how literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving is used at work. Compared to other populations, U.S. adults scored toward the bottom in every category tested.

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How do we Really Choose a Candidate?

With President’s Day around the corner for those of us in the U.S., I find myself thinking about our political system and the increasingly divisive tone of political debate today. As I recall, there was a time when Americans could have different political views and still enjoy a cordial, even friendly relationship.

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Northern New Jersey ATD Professional Development Workshop “Mastering the Webinar” – Attend in person or online on February 10.

I’m so honored to be doing this professional development webinar on the art of the webinar for learning professionals. In this workshop you will get the chance to practice delivering a live webinar and receive a template for planning and delivering a flawless webinar that will grab your audience and keep their attention from start to finish.

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The Mysterious Moon Illusion

The predecessors of humans, the early mammals, developed an acute ability to see predators from many angles, which gave them an edge in the survival competition known as natural selection.

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