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Podcast: Trudi Baldwin – How to Peak at 70 & Beyond

Trudi Baldwin’s varied and successful career as a manager in three Fortune 200 companies has afforded her endless “opportunities,” as they’re called in corporate-speak, to participate in the ridiculous. Trudi is well-known as the author of the detective series featuring Sami Dick and her hilarious escapades as a private eye. Her latest book, which led me to invite her to speak at Brain Matters 2015, is called Unlock your Genius as you Age: How to Peak at 70 & Beyond. Trudi and I sat down on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to talk about life after 50, how to find your unique genius and how to keep your brain and body healthy and productive well into your 100s. You can hear more from Trudi at Brain Matters 2015 November 10-11.

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Margie Meacham

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