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Archive for October 2015

Marshall Goldsmith – How to Be the Person You Want to Be

I sat down with our Brain Matters keynote speaker, Marshall Goldsmith, to talk about his #1 Best Selling book, Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts–Becoming the Person I was struck by how many unconscious triggers may be stopping us from bringing out our inner genius. If you love this podcast, buy the book and come to our online conference to ask Dr. Goldsmith any questions during his live session.

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Neuroscience, Intended and Unintended Consequences

Neuroscience offers us exciting possibilities for enhancing human learning and performance. In the next decade, we are going to learn things we can’t even dream of right now. But along with the dreams we may be in for some nightmares. Here’s a couple of things for all of us to think about.

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A Free eBook from Learningtogo and The TrainingDoctor

Teaching Future Leaders to Think: Solving the Impending Leadership Crisis with Neuroscience If you’ve been following the news about the expanding skills gap in leadership today, you know that we are facing a crisis as baby boomers leave the workforce and newer leaders try to fill their roles. Working with my colleague and friend  Dr.…

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