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The Practical Application of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Life - Let Us Show You How!

At LearningToGo, we help you create the life and career you deserve. Our experts combine the latest, validated discoveries in the converging sciences of neuroscience and AI to develop and employ a broad and deep assortment of tactics and tools for improving cognitive function, happiness, and work-life success.

Who We Are

LearningToGo is a global leader in brain-based training and education. We provide innovative learning experiences that have the power to change your life and super-charge your career.

Our founder, Margie Meacham, is a top-rated author on Amazon and a global leader in the use of science to improve business and personal outcomes. She will teach you how your amazing brain learns and help you turn on your neuro- based “super powers” to maximize learning and performance. Our network of partners brings the power of learning science to you, so you can build and maintain the life you deserve by maximizing personal relationships, increasing work performance, improving cognitive function, and building a healthy body and mind.


What We Do

We provide custom workshops and online tools to help you become a better leader, sales professional, teacher, parent, spouse, athlete, trainer, and artist – anything that you want to become. Best of all, you can have fun and build a lifetime of learning while employing the concepts that we teach you.

Brain Matters cover-Margieoffice

Brain Matters: How to Help Anyone Learn Anything Using Neuroscience

If you had the chance to be with DaVinci, Galileo, or Curie at their greatest moment of discovery, would you take it?

If you said “yes,” then you’re in luck. The human race is embarking on a great adventure—discovering how the brain works by watching it in the process of cognition. Neuroscientists are starting to unlock the code that makes the brain work, thus enabling them to give educators, teachers, corporate trainers, and mentors new tools to help people learn.

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LearningToGo partners with you in paving your path to success through comprehensive thought training. Book a course today!

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